The Large Hadron Collider

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  • Draws on contributions from the scientists and engineers behind the planning and construction of the LHC
  • Introduces the fundamental technology of the LCH
  • Reviews the basics of the theory behind the experiments
  • Explores the challenges in planning and civil engineering
  • Covers key experiments, including particle detection and ALICE
  • Discusses the informatics infrastructure that will channel the data to the workstations of scientists around the world


This richly illustrated, full color book dissects the technology of the LHC into its component parts, showing how state-of-the-art techniques have been applied to beam control (injection, stabilization, acceleration, and dumping); cryogenics; superconducting magnet technology; and vacuum. It also describes the civil engineering and logistical challenges of the construction of the machine as well as the theoretical challenges that drove the scientific community to build the LHC. Each of the experiments is explained in terms of scientific goals, new methods of particle detection, and the specific challenges of handling the millions of gigabytes of data produced every second. Written by the lead scientists involved with the LHC, this book offers a testimonial of this marvelous endeavor from the people most directly involved in its conception and construction.

Table of Contents

The Large Hadron Collider: An Introduction, Lyndon Evans

The Fundamental Physics behind the LHC, John Ellis

The Construction of the LHC
Civil Engineering Highlights, Jean-Luc Baldy, Luz Lopez-Hernandez, and John A. Osborne
Lessons in Big Science Management and Contracting, Anders Unnervik

The Technology of the LHC
Superconducting Magnets, Lucio Rossi and Ezio Todesco
The LHC and Its Vacuum Technology, Pierre Strubin and Cristoforo Benvenuti
The Cryogenics Challenge of the LHC, Philippe Lebrun and Laurent Tavian
Moving the Beam into and out of the LHC, Volker Mertens and Brennan Goddard
Capturing, Accelerating and Holding the Beam, Trevor Linnecar

The Experiments
Particle Detection at the LHC: An Introduction, Tejinder Virdee
The Compact Muon Spectrometer, Tejinder Virdee
ATLAS, Peter Jenni
The LHCB Experiment, Tatsuya Nakada
ALICE, Jürgen Schukraft and Chris Fabjan
LHC Data Analysis and the Grid, Les Robertson, John Harvey, and Pere Mato

Epilogue, Lyndon Evans


Editor Bio(s)

Lyndon Evans is the lead scientist of the LHC program at CERN. In 2008, he was named Nature Magazine’s "Newsmaker of the Year" and was awarded the Robert R. Wilson prize of the American Physical Society.

Editorial Reviews

Each chapter or sub-chapter is written by experts who played a major role and this is of course one of the main strengths of this book. … overall this book can be read with enjoyment by readers with a wide range of backgrounds. …
Contemporary Physics, Vol. 52, No. 2, 2011